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At Panther Marketing we work with entrepreneurs and start-up companies nationwide everyday. Here’s what we have learned. Most of our clients can talk to us for hours on end about the businesses they have created. And when they get in front of a prospective client – they are the greatest salespeople in the world. They know their businesses inside and out. But, a lot of them get stumped when it comes to talking to that larger audience out there in the digital universe.

That’s where we come in. Whether you have created a revolutionary new drug, a brilliant software solution or established a company that brings new solutions to air travel – we know how to talk about it better than just about anyone else. We help small companies get big. We create order out of chaos. We give you a voice in the digital world.

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Offering a full range of marketing services in Phoenix

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Panther Marketing understands how fast the digital landscape is changing and how it can leave even the most successful business feeling like they have no voice.  Panther has the talent and resources to turn your business into a digital powerhouse.  We work smart and fast to bring you up to speed and pass your competitors.  We will help you develop a sound digital marketing strategy that takes advantage of the right mix of opportunities.

Panther offers a full range of marketing and advertising services that include:

– Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

– Search Engine Friendly Website Design

– SEM and Online Advertising

– Mobile and Device Responsive Website Design

– Content Creation and Curation

– Social Media Marketing

– Mobile Marketing

– Integration of Traditional And Digital Media Campaigns

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Phoenix Web Design/Video Company

A picture is worth 1,000 WORDS.

When we talk, we tend to think about the sound and the power and the meaning of the words we hear. But in the digital world, nearly 80% of the content we create is visual. It’s the words you read in a tweet; the video you see on You Tube; the experience you get when you land on a well designed website.

Panther Marketing understands the power of the written word as well as the elements of design and motion that really propel your message. We can design your website, create an online webinar, produce a video or even create a logo or image for your company that is hard to forget.

The corny saying is: “You only get one chance to make a first impression.” Guess what? It’s true.


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Arizona Public Relations

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Talking one-on-one is one thing. Talking to the press or thousands of people at a time is a completely different kind of experience. At Panther marketing we understand how to craft a salient message, how to distribute that message through various media channels and who to talk to. In journalism school they teach you that a good story is based on the answers to the following basic questions: Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

We know who to talk to, what to talk about, when to talk about it, where people will notice your story and why it’s important.

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Social Media Marketing

Word of MOUTH.

Twenty years ago the term “social media” referred to small talk at a cocktail party. Today, it is one of the most dynamic and interactive marketing options available to new businesses.

Panther Marketing can help you leverage the power of social media to create an effective “word of mouth” customer attraction campaign. Whether it’s Facebook and Twitter, Linked In or YouTube – or even Pinterest – Panther Marketing can help you create a strategy to get you #talkedabout.

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Phoenix Mobile & Digital Marketing


Nearly 1 billion global consumers now use smart phones and tablets. Apple and Androids are changing the online landscape and their use is growing at an astounding rate. Every hour, every minute and every second, thousands of new mobile customers are adopting handhelds to search, network and download apps.

If you aren’t mobile, you need to be.

Mobile marketing is becoming the preferred way to do business—the way you get noticed, build your brand, engage your customers and sell your product. But it takes a well thought out strategy and a team that knows how to make

“the small screen” work for you.

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I met with Panther marketing to discuss my Arizona company’s website and overall digital marketing presence and also to discuss the launch of my new company in Texas. It was quite clear that the Panther team had extensive experience in both traditional and digital marketing. They spent hours asking me questions to gain a better understanding of our business and our goals and objectives. I have been in business for over 19 years and it was important for me to make the right decision on who would be handling my marketing and I wanted someone that I could trust. They educated me about the importance of having an optimized digital presence and they used an amazing software to show me exactly where I stand in the digital world. When I saw the results in a 25 page report, which was produced in less than 5 minutes, I was able to see exactly where my strengths and weaknesses were and it empowered me to take action and make the right marketing decisions based on real time data. That was a breath of fresh air knowing that I could see and then track the results of my marketing dollars going forward. It was impressive. I would recommend Panther to any business owner and trust them to show you how to navigate in the ever changing digital world.
Bonnie Lucas
CEO Law Enforcement Specialists and Texas Street Force
I hired the Panther team to completely reposition the Jeremy Roenick brand. Since Jeremy's retirement playing 21 years in the NHL, he has expanded his interests and business initiatives even more. I wanted a fresh, new creative direction that would encapsulate JR as a hockey player, businessman, sports analyst, actor, golfer, author, father, husband, philanthropist, along with his personal love for style, fashion, social media, and of course his amazing fans. I wanted a single designation for fans to visit to get the latest news, pictures and videos about JR to keep up with his loud and crazy lifestyle, but also a place where fans can read about his legendary hockey career and love of the game. Panther worked on strategy, photography, logo design, graphics, website design and development and delivered in spades. I am excited to continue to work on his brand management with the Panther team because we all know….you never know what JR is up too next!
Tracy Roenick
President of Roenick Life, LLC
Panther was exceptional in handling my social media while I competed on the Canadian hit Television Show, Battle of the Blades. As you can imagine, being asked to figure skate competitively with a partner after 12 years playing hockey in the NHL was a challenge and it required significant training on my part. The show was based on votes from the fans, so it was important to reach my hockey fans both in the US and Canada, the Battle of Blades television fans and all of the fans who follow my Olympic figure skating partner, Jess Dube. Panther worked 24/7 to help us build relationships with these audiences by keeping them updated daily, sometimes hourly and by developing and sharing private content and videos to give our fans an insider's view of our amazing experience. We built a remarkable and very loyal following in a short period of time. Panther knows how to leverage social media to form valuable relationships that support the brand. That’s talent!
Brian Savage
12 season NHL Player & Canadian Olympic Medalist
I retained Panther Marketing to completely rebrand and position my company to become the leader in the synthetic putting green industry. The results that Panther achieved in a 30 day period were nothing short of remarkable. Panther assessed the business and value proposition, repositioned the brand, transformed our messaging and developed all the marketing tools that we needed to succeed-from traditional printed collateral sales pieces to our digital presence on the web. Our new website drove business to us. They also recognized the value of making a strategic media buy on the Golf Channel, which reached our target audience and gave us enormous exposure. They leveraged that messaging with a negotiated national media buy in Golf Digest and Sports Illustrated. Southwest Greens started as a small company based in Arizona. Within 3 years, it had grown into an industry leader with 93 franchises in 17 countries on 4 continents. Panther Marketing was instrumental in making that happen. The creativity and consistency of our marketing effort made it possible to stay focused and grow the business at a phenomenal rate. As a result of that experience, I have hired Panther Marketing to brand multiple businesses. What truly sets them apart from other marketing firms is their understanding of your business and the market you are selling into. That combination is why their branding, messaging, media development and placement are spot on. They are true business partners that have a record of producing significant bottom line results.
Weston Weber
Founder of Southwest Greens International

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