Mobile Marketing, Social Media

Mark Farnen

Mark Farnen is a classic early adopter. He has made a career of adopting and mastering new media technologies, which has made him a key asset in helping clients navigate through the new landscape of digital and mobile marketing and social media. He is also an accomplished content creator for websites and social media platforms.

Farnen started his career 30 years ago in marketing, public relations and public affairs. He worked on Fortune 100 accounts, international economic development initiatives and presidential campaigns. In addition to counseling large corporations like Walmart and successful entrepreneurs like Print Ninja, he is responsible for handling regional public relations for Verizon Wireless, including a steady stream of product launches in both traditional press and through new media platforms (web pages, blogs, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn). Recently, he was involved in Verizon’s high profile launch of the iPhone and 4G LTE Network in selected markets. He is the former chief executive of the Hawthorn Foundation, a private organization of Missouri businesses involved in promoting economic development on a global level. Farnen led delegations with the Governor of Missouri to China, England, Canada, Mexico and countries of South America. Farnen is a veteran of three national presidential campaigns, in which he managed field operations and the press.